6 Reasons Why You Should Start Composting


Reduces Landfill Waste

Up to one- fourth of landfill waste could be use for composting instead of being thrown out. It’s crazy to think that a quarter of our waste can be used to create nutrient-rich soil.

Helps the Environment

Besides reducing the amount of garbage you send to the landfill, you are also helping with the reduction of greenhouse emissions and improving air quality,

Creates Organic Fertilizer

This fertilizer that you’ve created from your compost is safer and better to use for the environment compared to the chemical-filled ones sold in stores. It will act as a natural, slow- release fertilizer and pesticide.


Having a Yard is Not Necessary

You can create your own or purchase a compost bin for indoors. It can be placed under your sink or in your bathroom! A compost bin doesn’t have a horrible stench to it  when it’s done correctly.

Saves Money

Besides purchasing the compost bin, producing compost is basically free!  You will also be saving money by reducing how much you spend on hauling your garbage away and purchasing less fertilizers for your garden.

Easy To Do & Not Time Consuming

Maintaining your compost bin only requires you to tend to it once a week. That’s right, it’s that effortless! All you will need to do is: add your leftovers to the bin, mix it up a week later and let it sit for another week. Viola, that is it! If you’re able to take your trash can to the curb once a week, you sure can compost!

Chicks 101: 12 Benefits To Raising Your Own Backyard Chickens

Beneficial, rewarding and exciting are just a few words that describe the experience of having your own flock of backyard chickens. These birds offer many more benefits than the obvious one, a regular supply of your own eggs.

Listed below are some of the many benefits to why you should start raising your own chickens:

blogsign11. Fresh, Healthy Eggs Daily

A hen lays one egg a day. These eggs have a richer taste compared to store bought ones. Since backyard chickens have the ability to touch and roam on soil unlike factory- farm chickens, their eggs have a higher nutritious value to them. Compared to store bought eggs, the egg has 25 percent more vitamin E, a third more vitamin A and 75 percent more beta carotene. They also have significantly more omega-3 fatty acids than factory farmed eggs. Plus, the eggs are free of charge and always fresh!

2. Enriches Your Compost & Soil

They are living, breathing composters that will make quick work of cleaning up all of that plant-based waste.  These birds are your answer for a free source of natural & organic fertilizer. Their droppings are loaded with nitrogen. A higher level of nitrogen means your plants and vegetables leaves will become greener & fuller. Another plus to using them for manure is that it enables your garden to produce more in a smaller space with the use of less water.

Great benefit to when they do their daily scratching and digging is that they’re also aerating your soil and breaking down larger pieces of vegetation.

3. Reduces Waste

You can pass on your daily leftovers to your chickens. These chickens can eat just about anything. Nothing will go to waste thanks to them!

You will also be helping with keeping our planet green by giving your scraps to your chickens instead to the landfill. A double win!

4. Pest Control

These birds are a free & organic pest control. The cruise around eating up any insect insight. They will keep your yard insect free without any use of pesticide.

Plus, they also love to eat weeds! Overall, they can make your gardening an easier task for you.

5. Low Maintenance Required

Caring for chickens is less work than with other pets. All they require from you is to feed them water & food daily while cleaning their coops regularly and collecting their eggs. That is it!

6. Inexpensive Upkeep

In the beginning, getting all of the supplies you need for your coop may be expensive. However, the upkeep after that cost is up to nothing compared to household pets. All you will have to pay for is their monthly bag of feed and bedding materials.

Feed for chickens comes in a 50 pound bag. A baby chick eats up to 9-10 pounds in it’s first 10 weeks. After that, a mature chicken may eat up to five pounds per month. Even though the bag of feed may be costly upfront, however, you will not be buying a new bag each month.

7. Step Closer to Sustainable Livingblogsign2

You’re just a step closer to be being a real farmer!

8. Teaches lessons about Responsibility for Children

Tending for a chicken coop is easier than taking care of a dog. Chickens don’t require for you to take them out on a walk or let them out to use the bathroom. Instead; they require you to give them their feed, clean out their coop, and to inspect them to ensure they’re healthy. These tasks are easier to make sure your kids get done since it doesn’t require a lot of hassle and time.

Just have your children check on their feed before & after school and clean out their coop on the weekends. Easy as that! Also, each day they will get a nice reward for feeding them… a fresh egg!

9. Chickens Have Personalities

Some are cranky while others are sweet. Some are aloof while others are sharp. Each and every chicken has their own individual personality that separates them from each other.  They are fun animals to get to know and provides tons of laughter while raising them.

10. Preventing Extinction 

By raising your own chickens, you are a major help in preventing them from becoming extinct. Due to how factory-farm operates, we are at risk of losing the rare, heritage breeds. If these breeds become extinct, we could lose genes that may one day save the poultry industry if it every falls to susceptible illness.

11. Relieves Stress & Provides Antidepressants

Like another other pet,  when you hug or pet them, it releases a hormone known as oxytocin. This hormone, also known as the ‘love hormone’, is a stress lowering chemical that is in our bodies. Petting and holding a chicken has the same affect as it does with another pet.

12.  Earn a little Cash

You are able to sell or give away your extra eggs that you don’t eat for yourself. A perfect way for another source of money!