Help Your Senior Horse Fight the Battle Against Aging

For humans, the aging process sometimes isn’t an enjoyable one. This can be said the same for horses as well.

Research has shown that, for both humans and horses, immune function declines within age. This is where immunosenescence comes into play.  When there is a gradual decrease with the immune function, it results in a decreased ability to resist infection and responsiveness to vaccination. For most senior horses, these are common problems that occurs while they age.

Look no further! Purina has the answer that you’ve been looking for to help win the battle against your horse’s aging process.

Read below for information on Purina’s EQUINE SENIOR FEED features and benefits.


#1 Veterinarian Recommended  

Exclusive ActivAge Prebiotic

  • Purina’s research shows when this prebiotic is used as a proprietary feed additive, it supports the aging immune system in senior horses.
  • Contains beneficial metabolites that includes: minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins. When these metabolites are combined together, it encourages the growth of beneficial microorganisms in their gut and supports their immune function.
  • Three proven reasons senior horses benefits from this are:
  1. Strengthens immune function  
  2. Protects against inflammation
  3. Boosts response to vaccination    

Purina’s ‘Amplify High-Fat Nugget’

  • A mixture of flax seeds, vegetable oils and rice bran.
  • This mixture provides weight maintenance, coat shine and bloom in senior horses.


Easy to Chew

  • Purina’s Easy-Soak  pellet technology creates a mash instantly with warm water that enables the feed  to be easier to chew & swallow for horses with dental problems.

Built-in Forage

  • Quality hay is built into this feed to help senior horses receive fiber easily for when they’re having difficulties eating forage.

Highly Digestible Ingredients

  • A blend of beet pulp and quality hay that maintains the horse’s body condition and digestive condition.

100% Vitamins and Minerals

  • Created to meet the unique & specific needs that support their immune function.

Added Antioxidants

  • Includes Vitamin C & E for additional support in a result of an overall healthy immune system.

Highly Palatable with Less Sugar

  • Contains a unique blend of molasses and soy oil instead of using straight cane molasses. This unique blend results in an optimal intake in senior horses.

High- Quality Proteins

Controlled  Amount of Starch and Sugar

Concentrate Feed

  • To be feed with either hay or pasture.

thClick here more information about this feed!


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