Stay Warm with ENERGY LOGS

What are Energy Logs?

  •                   Compressed and manufactured logs that are made entirely of RECOVERED wood by- products (wood shavings & sawdust) from sawmills.


How long is the  burn time  for these logs compare to firewood?

  • These logs, unlike regular firewood, perform like a candle. The results are a longer and more consistent burn. It takes a small amount of these logs to add warmth in your house. Plus, they’re easy to light as well!
  • When highly compressed wood fibers are combined with a small amount of moisture, it creates a higher amount of BTU OUTPUT (BTU input x total efficiency = BTU Output)

Are Energy Logs more energy efficient compared to firewood?

  • Since Energy Logs are made with less moisture & an efficient BTU conversion that results in a hotter burn but also LESS VOLATILE GASES RELEASED DURING. The higher burn temperature causes the volatile gases to reduce their pollutant effect on our environment.
  • Another useful result of using these logs is that they produce LESS ASH & CREOSOTE.  Once you replace your standard firewood with these logs, you’ll notice how much cleaner your wood stove & chimney are after each burn!
  • The high efficiency burn that these logs provide produces less pollution than burning with natural gas.


  • With a low moisture content, these logs require a dry place to be stored to ensure a longer lasting quality.
  • Lower moisture also means NO FUNGUS, MOLDS OR BUGS in your logs!
  • A perfect place to store them? Stack them up in your basement or garage without any worries!

What burning appliance are these logs excellent for?

  • ALL Wood Stoves
  • Fireplaces
  • Wood Cook Stoves
  • Patio Burners
  • Campfires

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To learn more about the advantages of using Energy Logs :

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