How to Place First in Every Model Horse Show

Model horses are judged exactly like how real-life horses are in shows. When entering your model horse in a competition, expect to be judged on your horse’s anatomy & biomechanics, breed standards, color and condition.


Anatomy & Biomechanics 

Remember to choose your model carefully. When choosing a model, ask yourself  “how is this model put together?”. Cartoon like, stylized models, blocky hooves, bug eyes and bumpy muscles are characteristics to avoid when picking out a model.

Breed Standards

When competing your model horse in a specific breed competition, make sure the model horse looks identical to that breed. The body type, color and white markings/ patterns should look exactly like a real-life horse. Before competing, ask yourself “does this model represent the breed accurately?”.

Color & Condition

After breed standards, color and condition is what makes or break your model horse next during competitions.

During a show, the judge will be looking for rich coloring & shading, neatly painted hooves & eyes, crisp white markings and a finish that’s the most flawless. If your model has yellowing, color rubbed off on it’s ear tips or tail and over-sprayed, it can be marked down or disqualified from the competition. Ask yourself, “does this model have obvious flaws?”. If you notice any flaws, the judge won’t miss it either!

Deciding which finish, glossy or matte, to use depends on which one brings out the best color on that model. Remember to ask yourself, “does it catch the judge’s eye?”.

Most importantly,it’s supposed to be FUN overall! 

Eager to start competing your model horses?! Come to GRANGE SUPPLY this Saturday, May 31st, for BREYER FUN DAY!  11 a.m. is when all of the Breyer fun will begin!



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