Recipes for Organic Fertilizer Cocktails

Here are two recipes that you can use to create your own organic fertilizer at home.

Flowering Plants including Summer Veggies

1 part- Alfalfa Meal

1 part- Fish Meal

2 parts-  Cottonseed Meal

2 parts-  Soft Rock Phosphate

2 parts-  Fish Bone Meal

1/2 part- Kelp Meal

Vegetable Garden with Lettuces

Green Non- Flowering Plants & Cool Season Veggies

1 part-  Alfalfa Meal

2 parts- Fish Meal

2 parts- Cottonseed Meal

1 part- Soft Rock Phosphate

1 part- Fish Bone Meal

1/2 part-  Kelp Meal

*Garnish both recipes with LIME: Most soils in the Northwest are on the acidic side. Agricultural lime helps to balance the PH level. Your lawn and vegetable garden will benefit from this little garnish. Most fertilizers does not include lime, however, it works better when it’s applied directly to the soil and tilled in.


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