6 Reasons Why You Should Start Composting


Reduces Landfill Waste

Up to one- fourth of landfill waste could be use for composting instead of being thrown out. It’s crazy to think that a quarter of our waste can be used to create nutrient-rich soil.

Helps the Environment

Besides reducing the amount of garbage you send to the landfill, you are also helping with the reduction of greenhouse emissions and improving air quality,

Creates Organic Fertilizer

This fertilizer that you’ve created from your compost is safer and better to use for the environment compared to the chemical-filled ones sold in stores. It will act as a natural, slow- release fertilizer and pesticide.


Having a Yard is Not Necessary

You can create your own or purchase a compost bin for indoors. It can be placed under your sink or in your bathroom! A compost bin doesn’t have a horrible stench to it  when it’s done correctly.

Saves Money

Besides purchasing the compost bin, producing compost is basically free!  You will also be saving money by reducing how much you spend on hauling your garbage away and purchasing less fertilizers for your garden.

Easy To Do & Not Time Consuming

Maintaining your compost bin only requires you to tend to it once a week. That’s right, it’s that effortless! All you will need to do is: add your leftovers to the bin, mix it up a week later and let it sit for another week. Viola, that is it! If you’re able to take your trash can to the curb once a week, you sure can compost!

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