6 Reasons Why You Should Start Gardening NOW



Gardening is…

  • Good exercise

Gardening for 45 minutes can burn as many calories when you do 30 minutes of aerobics.  Pulling weeds and digging holes puts your lower and upper body muscles to work while also toning them.

  • A stress reliever

Horticulture therapy has reign popularity recently after people have discovered the benefits from gardening. Horticulture therapist prescribes people to garden to help them sleep better, boost mood levels and reduce anxiety

  • A money saver

Buying organic produce can be a hefty cost and the price for it isn’t decreasing anytime soon. Growing your own vegetable garden can help you cut the cost of your grocery bill.

  • Helping our planet stay green

Prevents soil erosion, protects water quality, saves energy and beautifies your community are a few positives that gardening provides for our planet.

  • Provides delicious and tastier food 

Homegrown produce is usually tastier than to store brought. Growing your own organic vegetables will be loaded with vitamins and nutrients than vegetables that are treated with synthetic pesticides.

  • Good for children 

There are many lessons being taught to while a child gardens. The child will learn about the importance of patience, eating healthy and the responsibility of taking care of another living thing.

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