Celebrate National Garden Month!

Get out the shovel and rake… April is National Garden Month and it’s time to celebrate!


Go outside and take part in making your own yard or community a more greener and livable space. Here are 11 ways to celebrate this month:

1. Take part in ‘Row for the Hungry.’

This campaign encourages gardeners to plant an extra row of produce in their garden and donate their extra abundance of veggies to their local food banks, soup kitchens and other organizations that help feed America’s hungry.

2. Visit your local farmers’ market.

Check out here for a list of the must visit farmers’ market in the Seattle & Eastside area.

3. Pick up trash on your street or at a local park.

4. Share your garden’s bounty with a neighbor or friend. 

5. Start a neighborhood garden club.

6. Organize a ‘Yard Share’ in your community.

This newest and rising trend is when people without yards are paired up with people who have one so they can grow their own food.

7.  Organize a community ‘Green-Up Day.

Organize a community- wide event day  during this month that is focused on greening up your neighborhood, town park or any other public space. All it takes is just one person to put it together!

8. Celebrate other important ‘green’ holidays.

National Gardening Week is from April 15 to April 21, Earth Day is on April 22 and National Arbor Day is on April 25.

9. Start a gardening project that involves a child. 

Take a look at our Pinterest board for ideas.

10. Clean out your gardening shed and donate your extra tools to a community garden or school gardening program.

11. Begin a ‘flower brigade’ and delivery flowers or houseplants to nursing homes or hospitals. 


Now, go get your GREEN ON!

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