Chicks 101: 6 Popular Backyard Chicken Breeds

Narrowing down to one breed out of the 60 breeds of chicken can be an overwhelming task. Each breed of chicken has their own unique qualities while sharing some similarities with others. No matter what your preference may be, there is a breed out of the 60 that fits your needs and wants.

Here is a list of six breeds that we’ve found to be popular among Backyard owner’s who typically look for both productivity and personality in their flock.


Breed: Standard                                                                         Ameraucana

Size: Medium (5 to 7 lbs)

Feather Color: Assorted Colors

Purpose: Egg-laying

Egg Laying: Good; 3 per week

Egg Color: Blue & Green

Known to be docile, sweet and good- natured chickens. Breed- standard Ameraucanas are a quite difficult to acquire. They are only available through breeders at the moment.

Generally, Ameraucanas are known as Easter Eggers- meaning they carry the blue and green egg gene but may not have all of the physical characteristics of Ameraucanas.


Breed: Standard                                                                      Australorp

Size: Heavy (7 to 8 lbs)

Feather Color: Black

Purpose: Dual

Egg Laying: Excellent; 5 per week

Egg Color: Brown

These friendly and calm chickens are also known as the ‘utility chicken.’ They  hold the world’s individual record of egg laying and lay very large light brown eggs . If you’re looking for a chicken that is pet friendly and has dependable laying, this is your breed.

Buff Orpington

Breed: Standard                                                            Buff O.

Size: Heavy (7 to 8 lbs)

Feather Color: Golden (buff)

Purpose: Dual

Egg Laying: Good; 3 per week

Egg Color: Brown

These dual- purpose birds are a breed for all occasions. They are friendly, cold-hardy, relaxed and can lay up to 200 eggs a year! This breed is a perfect choice for someone wanting a reliable chicken around the yard or a small farm.

Plymouth Rock

Breed: Standard

Size: Heavy (7 to 8 lbs)

Feather Color: Barred & Partridge

Purpose: Dual

Egg Laying: Very good; 4 per week

Egg Color: Brown

This breed is one of the most popular dual-purpose chickens. This chicken is easy to breed,  very friendly and able to withstand cold weather. They are generally hearty birds and prolific layers, making them a popular choice for small farms.

BARRED                                                                                                  PARTRIDGE

Plymouth RPartridge Rock HenB



Breed: Standard                                               Welsummer

Size: Medium (6 to 7 lbs)

Feather Color: Partridge

Purpose: Dual 

Egg Laying: Very good; 4 per week

Egg Color: Dark, Reddish Brown & sometimes Speckled

This breed is all- around simple and friendly  bird that is great at laying and for show.  Welsummers are regarded as excellent foragers, meaning (possible) lower feed bills and definite rich eggs.

A little fun fact is that the rooster on the Kellogg’s Corn Flakes box was believed to be inspired by this breed!


Breed: Standard                                                      wyandotte-hen

Size: Heavy (7 to 8 lbs)

Feather Color: Golden, Sliver & Blue

Purpose: Dual

Egg Laying: Very good; 4 per week

Egg Color: Brown

People that are looking for the perfect breed for their backyard flock, look no further. This chicken is known for their dependable egg laying, hardiness and beautiful feathering.  They get along well with people which makes them easy to handle and maintain. If you’re a beginner, this is the breed for you.

If you want to learn more about these breeds and others, go to our website for more information!


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